Outback BBQ Weather Cover – Meteor Select S S 6 Burner Gas Saturn 6 Burner BBQ Cover Barbecues & Accessories

Outback BBQ Weather Cover - Meteor Select S S 6 Burner Gas Saturn 6 Burner BBQ Cover
Made to fit Outback Meteor S S 6-Burner Gas and Saturn 6 Burner BBQs, the Outback BBQ Weather Cover protects your grill against damaging elements that include grime, dirt, and stains. This only means you get to have all your grilling tasks done without getting worked up on unsightly scratches and dirts that may have an effect on your griller in the long run. Quality Polyester build . This Outback grill cover is made using hard-wearing polyester inner wall coated with PVC. This ensures you re BBQ gets protected against damages caused by external elements. The cover is perfect for when storing away your grill so when you re ready to use it again, all you need to do is remove the cover. Keeps it looking good as new . Clean and healthy meals everytime . Another remarkable thing about this Outback Weather Cover is that it prevents germs and other bacteria from swarming the BBQ. Knowing this, you are assured that what you are preparing are healthy and clean meals your whole family can enjoy.

Supplier: Outback Barbecues


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