Mad Dash Round Pole Single Swing Set Swings & Seesaws

Mad Dash Round Pole Single Swing Set
Swing into action this summer with a single swing set . Children don t need much to keep their minds and bodies busy, a few sticks or some old clothes instantly become toys and dress up clothes, so why not keep their outdoor toys simple too The Mad Dash Single Swing Set is one of the best ways to entice your children out into this garden this summer time. Every garden however big or small should feature a swing, it s ideal as you can always keep an eye out whilst your child plays happily on their swing. Being out in the fresh air and garden will help make happy, lasting memories. Swing Low . A single swing is ideal if you have one child or a small garden and don t want your child to miss out on having outdoor toys. A swing in a garden makes it look and feel complete, so the Mad Dash Single Swing Set will be ideal. The swing is constructed from thick timber which ensures it ll stay weighted compared to metal framed swings that are less sturdy. As your child gets taller you can adjust the length of the nylon fibre so the swing isn t too low or too high. The finishing touches . The swing is constructed from hardwearing materials and fixed together with metal brackets that ensure this swing always be up to the task of providing hours of happy entertainment for your children. The metal brackets are a dark green which is contrasted with the red seat of the swing.

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