BillyOh Momo Full Weave Rattan 4-5 Seat Sofa Set Garden Furniture Suites

BillyOh Momo Full Weave Rattan 4-5 Seat Sofa Set
Outdoor relaxation has never been stylish The BillyOh Momo Full Weave Rattan 5 Seat Sofa Set that includes cushions makes staying outside with family and friends a treat. Made using strong full-weave rattan construction, this rattan furniture set is ideal for morning chats with loved ones or casual chit-chats with friends outside over coffee or tea. Premium relaxation . Crafted using premium flat-weave rattan, this elegant patio furniture ensemble provides unparalleled relaxation you deserve. The set comes with comfortable cushions which means you get to spend more time outside without ever worrying about getting distressing back pains and muscle strains.With an expansive size, you can have 4-5 people to sit on it comfortably, perfect for when expecting to have guests Its table centrepiece is ideal for snacks, conversations over tea, or just a quiet time alone with a book and some refreshing drinks as it provides a nice clean surface. A style that fits . Perfect for practically any kind of garden set up, the BillyOh Momo Full Weave Rattan Sofa Set brings that native look that spells comfort, relaxation, and peace. With this design, you are confident that whatever the occasion is and whoever you are inviting to come over, the furniture would always impress The great thing is it s easy to store away So during revolting weather conditions, keeping it inside is a breeze . Table Dimensions 640x640x340mm . Overall Size 2200mm x 2220mm . End Lengths 770mm . Front Lengths 1430mm



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