BillyOh Momo – 120cm Rattan Round Dining Table Garden Furniture Suites

BillyOh Momo - 120cm Rattan Round Dining Table
Our range of high-quality garden furniture pieces are built using premium materials to provide your whole family with a relaxing corner right outside of your home. The BillyOh Momo 120cm Rattan Round Dining Table is crafted from premium full-weave rattan over aluminium framing. Made to serve as a replacement piece for your old or damaged outdoor table, this piece offers strength and style making your garden a comfortable place to stay in. Premium Full Weave Construction . This rattan dining table boasts its strong full-weave construction that not only makes for its traditional appeal but also accounts for its tough and unyielding structure. Supported by equally-strong aluminium framing, this natural-looking piece is an ideal dining companion you d love to have and keep around. Whether as an additional piece for when you are hosting parties, or a handy accent item, the BillyOh Momo 120cm Rattan Round Dining Table is definitely a must-have. More than just a dining piece . This rattan-made furniture piece is primarily used as a dining table that provides you with a reliable dining space during casual parties in your deck or patio, simple lunch or dinner outside with family, or after-meal chitchats with a friend or a loved one. But more than that, it also serves as an accent piece that blends well with your existing chairs therefore completing the ensemble. With its traditional look and strong tempered glass-topped surface, you are sure to have a dining experience that s built around comfort, strength, and fun

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