BillyOh Island 4 Burner Grillstream Gas BBQ with Side Burner Barbecues & Accessories

BillyOh Island 4 Burner Grillstream Gas BBQ with Side Burner
Expecting guests Impress them by preparing sumptuous meals And when we say sumptuous meals, there’s nothing like nicely-grilled meat and sausages that go perfectly well with refreshing drinks, yes The BillyOh Island 4 Burner Grillstream Gas BBQ with Side burner is a better and more advanced solution to your grilling problems. This multifunctional gas barbecue features porcelain-coated cast iron double grills with a reversible griddle, helping you produce the best grilled meals without you ever stressing over cleaning and maintaining its build. . Virtually Zero Flare Up . When cooking using normal BBQs, the juices that come off the meat drip straight onto the burners, causing flare-ups. This BBQ boasts a second grill that captures all the drippings and oils coming from the main grill, then channels it away straight into a separate cup. . Enhanced BBQ Flavour Infusion . The BillyOh Island 4 Burner Grillstream Gas BBQ features a special flavour infusion system whereby the fat that evaporates from the meat doesn’t go up in smoke but instead gets infused back into the meat, giving you that more flavourful and aromatic meal. . Easy Spark Ignition . With its LED Control knobs incorporated with an integral spark ignition set up on each of the 4 burners, regulating this fantastic gas bbq becomes a breeze. For quick barbecue meals, this is simply a must-have. . Easy to Clean and Maintain . With the second grill channelling away all fats and drippings, this BillyOh gas barbecue is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is empty the cup and you’re ready for another round of delicious grilled meat



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