BillyOh Imperial 2 Burner Flat Bed BBQ Barbecues & Accessories

BillyOh Imperial 2 Burner Flat Bed BBQ
Get the deck chairs out, it s BBQ time . Anyone who hosts barbeques on a regular basis will understand how important it is to pick a BBQ that meets their needs. Whether you re a beginner or someone looking to go pro, it s vital that your BBQ is up the demands of great cooking. We think the BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range is great for anyone looking for a BBQ that looks the part as well as cooks well. When selecting a BBQ you ll want to consider what you want from a BBQ. If you re looking for easy storage and great mobility, and a gas BBQ that can deliver top nosh results, look no further than the BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range. Make garden cooking easy . The BillyOh Imperial Flatbed BBQ Range features a flat lid when is easy to clean and also means you can store this type of BBQ more easily than a hooded BBQ. Flatbed BBQs will cook using a direct method so this means the heat source is always under your food. If you fancy steak or sausages, you can cook anything and everything on this great range of BBQs. You can choose how you like to cook as well, this BBQ has a flat plate and grill so you can cook your burgers to perfection. Gas beats Ash . Gas BBQs have a great advantage, you don t have to spend ages trying to coax a flame to life, or worry about any sudden gusts of wind blowing smoke into your face. Gas also means you can control the temperature for more accurate cooking which then will deliver more consistent results. The large silver dials will make controlling the temperature easy so your steak can be rare or perfectly cooked. The grate gives 161cm2 of cooking space and an additional 814cm2 as a warming rack, yet has wheels and is lightweight, compact, and easy to manoeuvre. Prevent heavy lifting and strained muscles, and save your energy for a little jig, or a water fight with the kids The side shelves, which hug either side of the grill, allow you to easily keep cooked and uncooked foods separate, and there is even a bottom shelf– ideal to keep your drinks out of harm s way .



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