BillyOh Hampton 1 x Reclining Foldable Deck Chair Garden Chairs

BillyOh Hampton 1 x Reclining Foldable Deck Chair
As soon as the sun comes out all we want to do is spend the afternoon relaxing in the garden, but it s sometimes difficult to relax in an upright chair or on a blanket on the bumpy lawn. The BillyOh Hampton will be your go-to seat for outdoor relaxation, retaining the look of a traditional seaside deck whilst having a modern appeal in smooth wood and canvas. Traditional designs are used due to their perfect blend of function and good looks why fix it if it isn t broken . Everyone remembers their seaside childhood holidays, struggling to get changed under a towel, dusting sand off your lunch and playing in the sea as your parents or grandparents dozed in their faithful old deckchair. Why not relive those fun memories with your own deckchair in the comfort of your own garden The frame of the deck chair is strong and sturdy, the fabric cover is supportive for your back and easy to care for. You can sit up and watch the world go by or slide down a little to enjoy a blissful nap in the shade. The BillyOh Hampton Deck Chair is easy to fold away for when the weather is less than pleasing. The hardwood is an ideal material for long lasting garden furniture, it blends into garden or decking surroundings, it complements without contrasting. Who says you have to miss out on enjoying the British sunshine This deckchair is perfect for putting on your patio, decking, garden or even balcony. It also looks great and is so comfortable you might find yourself needing to purchase a few for when your friends and family come to visit this summer.



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