100mm x 100mm Concrete In Post Shoe | Powapost

The 100mm x 100mm Powapost Concrete In Post Shoe is designed to help you install your garden fencing easily and quickly. This post shoe is designed to be set into concrete so it can act as an anchor for fence posts. Traditionally fence posts are set into concrete but this can cause problems when the fence post needs to be changed due to damage or rot. With this post shoe you can easily change broken or rotting fence posts because the post is not set into the ground, just the supporting shoe.To use this fence post shoe you need to set it into a 450mm cube of concrete. The two prongs helps secure this post shoe and anchor it safely so you garden fencing will be strong. The base plate on this post shoe should sit above the concrete. Once the concrete has set and cured you can then attach your fence post into the bolt system. Once the bolts are tightened around your fence post it will be secure and strong. This post shoe is made from high quality, zinc coated, and rust resistant steel. This post shoe is suitable for use with a 95mm timber fence post.>>>> Click here for more…

Supplied by: Waltons


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Delivery cost: FREE to most UK post codes, please check at time of order for any surcharges to more remote post code areas

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Waltons will contact you on the morning of your confirmed delivery date by email and/or SMS with a two hour delivery time slot. They aim to meet these delivery times but during busy periods, deliveries may take a little longer.

Log Cabins usually take a bit longer to deliver than most of our other products. This is because they are put into production when ordered. You should expect to receive a delivery call within 28 working days of placing your order. Please allow enough time for our team to call you.

Log cabins are delivered on the back of various different sized vehicles, depending on the size of cabin. Generally, the largest sized vehicle is a 17t truck, which is the same size a Dustbin lorry.  The windows and doors are pre-assembled. The wall roof and floor pieces will be offloaded one piece at a time. Please remember that this is kerbside delivery only, so you will be required to move the parts to the rear of the property.

All Waltons deliveries are all Kerb Side ONLY. Drivers are helpful and will always try and place the building in a convenient position for you. It is entirely at the driver’s discretion if they decide to move the building somewhere inside your property. They are not authorised to deliver items through someone’s home.

Please always provide the most convenient telephone number when placing your log cabin. Drivers may need to contact you about your delivery a few days before it’s due. Also drivers call 30 minutes before delivery.

100mm x 100mm Concrete In Post Shoe | Powapost


100mm x 100mm Concrete In Post Shoe | Powapost

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